Keeping Our Hauraki Gulf Islands Pest-Free

Gulf Eco Charters is biosecurity approved by DOC and the Auckland Council to visit pest-free conservation islands and other islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Prepare for your trip by being alert for stowaways such as Argentine ants, rainbow skinks, soil, seeds, mice or rats.

Visit for more information on biosecurity.

Please make sure you read and follow the instructions below.
We will remind you on board, too.
Gulf Eco Charters is very conservation aware!
  • Make sure all food is packed and sealed in plastic rodent proof containers with lid. Ensure cardboard boxes are closed and taped – there must be no opportunity for an unwanted pest to access the box in transit.

  • Ensure all footwear and gear is clean and free of soil.

  • Thouroughly check any camping or overnight gear for stowaways.
    Gear that has been stored is high risk.

  • Thoroughly check seedlings, potting mix or plant matter to ensure there are no hitch-hikers.

  • Seal up your gear/food as soon as you have finished packing and leave them closed till you reach your destination.

Without your co-operation your trip may not be able to take place, so if you have any doubts or questions about biosecurity, please ask."

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